Slightly updated schedule

Attached is a slightly updated schedule for this Friday and Saturday’s Lonergan on the Edge conference. To receive the final updates as well as links to access the free, online conference, register here:


Lonergan on the Edge 2020 registration and schedule

The (virtual) Lonergan on the Edge graduate student conference is coming up next week, Sept 18-19. Register now at to receive links to the sessions.

Hope to see you…well, not there, but wherever you are! Schedule and flyer are attached. Questions? Contact

Abstracts due 7/31; conference online

The deadline for submissions to the 2020 Lonergan on the Edge graduate student conference is coming up shortly, on July 31st.  For the safety of everyone involved, we have decided to move to an online format for the conference.  We are still looking forward to having an excellent slate of graduate student papers on Sept. 18-19, 2020, and we hope yours might be one of them.  More details about the online format will be forthcoming.

Please note that while this year’s theme is “The Art of Authentic Decision-Making,” we will give consideration to papers addressing any topic related to Bernard Lonergan’s work.  We are especially eager to receive proposals that speak to the COVID-19 pandemic and/or the current movement for racial justice.  One submission will still be chosen as the Shawn M. Copeland Presentation in Contextual Theology, though no travel grant will be awarded.

Please see the CFP below for more details, and contact with any questions.

Lonergan CFP 2020_1

2020 Lonergan on the Edge CFP

Can’t decide whether or not to submit an abstract for this year’s Lonergan on the Edge conference?  Perfect!  Write about that experience through a Lonerganian lens, and submit it!  This year’s theme is the Art of Decision-Making, and the call for papers is now available.  The conference will take place September 18-19, based out of Marquette University.  Paper proposals are due July 31, 2020 to  See the CFP for details: Lonergan CFP 2020.

We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Patrick H. Byrne (Boston College) and Dr. Nicholas Olkovich (Corpus Christi College/St. Mark’s College, Vancouver) as our invited speakers.

At this point, we are preparing for the gathering to take place in-person, though options for remote attendance and the possibility of an entirely online conference are being explored.  We will keep you updated as decisions are made, but we fully expect the conference to occur in some form.

Below are a few starting places for understanding Lonergan’s thought on decision:

-“Discernment and Lonergan’s Fourth Level of Consciousness” Robert M. Doran, SJ, available at’s%20Fourth%20Level%20of%20Consciousness.pdf.  Doran explores the difference between “decision” in Lonergan’s Insight and his later Method in Theology, and also argues for a connection to St. Ignatius of Loyola’s methods for making a good election.

-In Bernard Lonergan’s Insight, see Chapter 18: The Possibility of Ethics.

-In Bernard Lonergan’s Method in Theology, see Chapter 2: The Human Good, and Chapter 4:   Religion, section 2: Self-Transcendence.

-In Bernard Lonergan’s Understanding and Being: The Halifax Lectures on Insight, see “The Possibility of Ethics,” section 1 of Chapter 10.  (Available in Collected Works of Bernard Lonergan, Volume 5, Second Edition, eds. Elizabeth A. Morelli and Mark D. Morelli (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1990)

-Patrick Byrne (one of our scheduled speakers for September!) offers an approach to ethics that builds on Lonergan’s work.  See The Ethics of Discernment: Lonergan’s Foundations for Ethics (University of Toronto Press, 2016).

-For an introduction to Lonergan’s thought in general, see Bernard Lonergan, “Self-transcendence: Intellectual, Moral, Religious,” in Collected Works of Bernard Lonergan, Volume 17: Philosophical and Theological Papers 1965-1980, eds. Robert C. Croken and Robert M. Doran (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2004), 313-331.

Schedule for Lonergan on the Edge 2019

If you’re within striking distance of Marquette University, join us Sept. 20-21 as we explore Bernard Lonergan’s thought on bias and conversion.  Lonergan novices are especially encouraged to attend Friday afternoon’s Master Class to gain a foundational understanding of what Lonergan means when he says “bias” and “conversion.”

See the flyer and complete schedule below.

Lonergan on the Edge 2019 flyer

Schedule – LoE 2019 – 9-9-19

Lonergan on the Edge 2019 proposals due 7/31

Apologies for being late to social media with this: All current and recent graduate students are invited to submit a paper proposal for the 2019 Lonergan on the Edge conference, to take place September 20-21 at Marquette University.  This year’s theme is “Bias and Conversion,” though as always we are open to other Bernard Lonergan-related submissions. Abstracts are due July 31, 2019, to  See the CFP for details: Marquette_LotE2019_CFP.

We are happy to announce that our invited speakers will include Dr. Steven Cone, Dr. Jennifer Sanders, and Dr. Joseph Mudd.

Please contact with any questions.

For relative newcomers to Lonergan’s work, or for anyone looking for initial sources, see the brief list of starting points below:

  • “What Does Bernard Lonergan Mean by ‘Conversion’?” Robert M. Doran, SJ, available at
  • As suggested in the above essay as an introduction to Lonergan’s thought, see Bernard Lonergan, “Self-transcendence: Intellectual, Moral, Religious,” in Collected Works of Bernard Lonergan, Volume 17: Philosophical and Theological Papers 1965-1980, eds. Robert C. Croken and Robert M. Doran (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2004), 313-331.
  • In Bernard Lonergan’s Insight, see Chapter 6: Common Sense and Its Subject, §2.7 Dramatic Bias; and Chapter 7: Common Sense as Object, §6 Individual Bias, §7 Group Bias, and §8 General Bias.
  • In Bernard Lonergan’s Method in Theology, see Chapter 10: Dialectic (especially §1 Horizons and §2 Conversions and Breakdowns) and Chapter 11: Foundations (especially §1 Foundational Reality and §2 The Sufficiency of the Foundational Reality)


2016 Lonergan on the Edge CFP

The 2016 Lonergan on the Edge CFP is now available! Our theme this year is “The Spirit of Vatican I?” and we aim to explore Lonergan and other major figures in mid-Twentieth Century Catholic theology and philosophy not primarily in light of their influence on Vatican II, but the influence of Vatican I and the 19th Century upon them. On our panelists this year are Jennifer Newsome Martin (University of Notre Dame), Grant Kaplan (St. Louis University), and Jeremy Wilkins (Boston College). Our keynote speaker is Eric Mabry (Lonergan Research Institute/Regis College, University of Toronto). Proposals are due July 31st and topics outside the theme will be considered.

Also, don’t miss the call for the 4th Annual M. Shawn Copeland Presentation in Contextual Theology, an extended (45 minute) and funded (travel, lodging) presentation slot in the conference schedule reserved especially for the strongest proposal focusing on the relationship between Contextual Theologies and Lonergan Studies. If you wish for your proposal to be considered for the Copeland Presentation, please let us know.

CFP is below: