Letter from the Secretary (5/4/2009)

Dear All,

As the semester roils to a halt, a few announcements regarding the Lonergan Society here at Marquette:

1) We won’t be meeting again this semester, but I’ll soon be scheduling readings for the next academic year. If anyone has suggestions on what they would like to read from Lonergan next year, please email me!

2) If anyone has any lingering desires to go to the workshop out at Boston this June, it’s not too late! Let me or Jeremy know.

3) AND….(drumroll please)….we now have, courtesy of the magnificent Anne Carpenter, our very own Lonergan Society website. It has a short blurb about our group, a links page, and a place for all announcements and news. Check it out at https://lonergansociety.wordpress.com/ Right up on the front page right now you’ll see our call for papers for the Lonergan on the Edge conference that we are hosting this September 18-20. The site looks great and will serve us well–thank you, Anne!

Best end-of-semester wishes,

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