Lonergan on the Edge – Teaser Poster

The official call for papers for the conference can be found here.

A note regarding the artwork:
The painting featured is Salvador Dalí’s “St. Peter’s in Rome (Explosion of Mystical Faith in the Midst of a Cathedral)” from 1960. Its original coloration has been modified.

Dalí’s work was chosen in order to grasp several of the conference’s themes. First, the panel discussion regards the intersection between faith and theology, and here we have the very heights of theology (the mystical life) on display. Second, the rush of multiple images held in one space (typical to Dalí) describes the multi-disiplinary nature of “Lonergan on the Edge.” Third, the unifying element of the painting is the cruciform explosion of light in the center and the Marian figure draping the cathedral in her opaque robes – this helps to indicate (in Dalí’s vertiginous style, but with an eye to Lonergan) that we are not seeking the “edges” of Lonergan scholarship simply for the sake of being needlessly avant-garde. Instead, we seek out the contours of knowing in order to synthesize all its varied forms without destroying intrinsic uniqueness.

– Anne M. Carpenter, LSMU Board

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