General Info for LotE13

Lonergan on the Edge 2013 at Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI

Friday, September 20, 2013 – Raynor Memorial Library Conference Center

9am – 5pm: Presentation Sessions

1pm: M. Shawn Copeland Presentation in Contextual Theology

5pm: Keynote Presentation from Dr. Jeremy W. Blackwood

6:30pm: Reception (Off Campus)

Saturday, September 21, 2013 – Raynor Memorial Library Conference Center

10am: “Grace, Consciousness, and Conversion” Panel with Dr. J. Michael Stebbins, Dr. Steven Cone, and Dr. L. Matthew Petillo.

1:30pm – 4pm: Presentation Sessions

4:30pm: Mass at the Basilica of St. Josaphat (Off Campus)

6pm: Cook Out (Off Campus)

As much as we would like not to have to ask for anything at all, we do have to deal with some expenses. Therefore, we asking for a $20 contribution toward the cost of the food and libations offered on Friday and Saturday nights, if you attend these events. This keeps costs low enough that we’re one of the cheapest conferences you’ll find, while still ensuring that we can get to know one another while having plenty of food and fun. We will be collecting that money beginning first thing on Friday, so please have it ready.

Directions to all off campus events are forthcoming…

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